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What do you know about celebrities?
Question 1
Divorced couple Russel and Kimora Simmons still share the running of what business?
Red Bull Def Jam Records
Carvel Ice Cream Baby Phat
Question 2
Valerie Bertinelli divorced what rocker?
Eddie Van Halen Axl Rose
Sammy Hagar Peter Frampton
Question 3
What business tycoon did Jane Fonda divorce after ten years of marriage?
Sam Walton Steve Case
Bill Gates Ted Turner
Question 4
Who is Rumer Willis' famous mother?
Demi Moore Kate Hudson
Blythe Danner Kate Moss
Question 5
Which former Beatle's daughter is a well known designer?
Paul McCartney Ringo Starr
George Harrison John Lennon
Question 6
Celebrity Taylor Momsen was born in which country?
Canada Australia
Ireland USA
Question 7
Celebrity Selena Gomez was born in which country?
Guatemala Dominican Republic
United States of America Mexico
Question 8
Actress Mila Kunis starred in which romantic comedy that was set in Hawaii?
50 First Dates Couple's Retreat
Hawaii 5.0 Forgetting Sara Marshall
Question 9
Mila Kunis starred in which 2010 thriller with Natalie Portman?
Inception No Country for Old Men
Hurt Locker Black Swan
Question 10
Which actress starred in Woody Allen's Match Point and Scoop?
Meryl Streep Victoria Hamilton
January Jones Scarlett Johansson

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