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What do you know about World of Warcraft?
Question 1
Who was the original Lich King?
Arthas Terenas
Ner'zhul Medivh
Question 2
Which of the following is not a type of server for players to join?
Heroic RP
Question 3
Calia Menethil was arranged to marry a noble who was really whom in disguise?
Thrall Medivh
Sargeras Deathwing
Question 4
What type of items can not be sold on the Auction House?
Food Potions
Pets Soulbound
Question 5
Who did Thrall name as his successor?
Vol'jin Garrosh
Varian Malfurion
Question 6
Who aided Thrall in his escape from the imprisonment camp?
Taretha Margy
Calia Roseanne
Question 7
Where was Orgrim Doomhammer imprisoned after the Second War?
Blackrock Spire The Undercity in Lordaeron
The Stockades The Nexus
Question 8
Lament of the Highborne is sung in what language?
Common Thalassian
Orcish Zandali
Question 9
Who leads the Shado-Pan?
Wan Snowdrift Nurong Yalia
Taoshi Ban Bearheart Taran Zhu
Question 10
Who took over as Warchief after Garrosh?
Vol'jin Sylvanas
Lor'themar Baine

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