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What do you really know about sports?
Question 1
Which boat won the 1995 America's Cup?
Young America Black Magic
Australia II Stars & Stripes
Question 2
What Brazilian Formula 1 racer died in 1994 in an accident in Imola?
Jorge Benjor Ayrton Senna
Junior Baiano Cid Moreira
Question 3
Which Swedish international striker finished the 1997-98 season as Scotland's Player of the Year?
Andreas Andersson Martin Dahlin
Kennet Andersson Henrik Larsson
Question 4
Karel Poborsky played international football for which country?
Hungary Croatia
Slovakia Czech Republic
Question 5
French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez played for which European club side in 2002?
Inter Milan Paris St. Germain
Manchester United Borussia Dortmund
Question 6
Which nation hosted and won the inaugural World Cup?
Italy Uruguay
Brazil England
Question 7
If you were at Moulineux, what color shirts would the home team be playing in?
Gold Red
Blue White
Question 8
Manchester United won the 1983 English FA Cup Final after a replay. Who were the opposition?
Brighton And Hove Albion West Ham United
Arsenal Liverpool
Question 9
Where was the 1970 World Cup final played?
Berlin London
Mexico City Paris
Question 10
Which team had won the European Cup nine times by 2002?
Barcelona Manchester United
Juventus Real Madrid

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