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What do you really know about science?
Question 1
What two solvents could be used in a successful extraction?
Water And Methanol Water And Acetone
Water And Ether Water And Dmso
Question 2
With complete bed rest, studies show a muscle might lose what percentage of its strength per day?
40-50% 10-15%
1-3% 5-10%
Question 3
What is the name of the protein found in wheat flour?
Gluteus Maximus Gouten
Gluten Glouten
Question 4
What are the three main categories of rock?
Clastics, Nonclastics, Sedimentary Volcanic, Earthquake, Folded
Minerals, Elements, Compounds Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
Question 5
If nitrous oxide is added to an engine, what will the effect be?
Adds More Fuel To The Engine Adds More Oxygen To The Engine
Cuts The Carbon Monoxide Emissions Keeps The Engine From Overheating
Question 6
What is the name of the limestone formation that rises from a cave floor?
Column Stalagmite
Stalactite Mytitite
Question 7
The coma in comet is from the Greek word for?
Comb Head
Hair Corona
Question 8
In which parts of the world do vampire bats live?
Europe & Asia Africa & India
Central & South America North America & Canada
Question 9
Which animal, like humans, cries tears when distressed?
Komodo Dragon Crocodile
Elephant Bushbaby
Question 10
What does brachycephalic mean?
Short Tail Flattened Face
Large Litter Many Toes

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