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What do you really know about technology?
Question 1
Who first tested a lightning rod in 1752?
Thomas Edison Benjamin Franklin
Louis Armstrong Marie Curie
Question 2
In 1765, Eberhard added what to pencils?
Ink Bubble Gum
Graphite Erasers
Question 3
A series of dots and dashes are used in what?
Morse Code Quilting Bees
Tomato Gardening Submarine Parts
Question 4
Jonas Salk discovered a vaccine for what disease?
Cancer Smallpox
Polio Alzheimer's
Question 5
What area of research did Pierre and Marie Curie specialize in?
Test Tube Babies Diamond Creation
Radioactivity Leprosy
Question 6
In 1889, an Indiana woman eased kitchen work with what?
Dishwashing Machine Sponge Mop
Magic Eraser Pads Linoleum Flooring
Question 7
The first box of Crayola crayons had how many colors?
64 Colors 8 Colors
3 Colors 4 Colors
Question 8
What weed inspired George de Mestral to invent Velcro?
Dandelion Queen Anne's Lace
Cocklebur Poison Ivy
Question 9
Which company's name is associated with the iPhone?
Sony IBM
Nokia Apple Inc.
Question 10
Who developed world's first color e-book reader?
Fujitsu Nokia
Microsoft Sony

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