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What do you know about geography?
Question 1
In which country are you likely to hear the cheer or toast Opa! during a celebration?
Taiwan Greece
India Argentina
Question 2
Corfu is a city in what country?
Panama Ethiopia
France Greece
Question 3
What is one of the main crops grown in Vietnam?
Apples Peanuts
Wheat Rice
Question 4
Where is the Mekong River Delta?
Ireland Kenya
Vietnam Germany
Question 5
In which of these countries might you see kangaroos in the wild?
Australia Sweden
Zimbabwe China
Question 6
Crocodiles, but not alligators, make which of these countries their home?
Australia United States Of America
Finland Poland
Question 7
What season is it in Australia during December?
Winter Fall
Spring Summer
Question 8
Samurai warriors belong to which of these cultures?
Turkish Swiss
Japanese Mexican
Question 9
Peru's main exports are copper, zinc and what precious metal?
Gold Tin
Aluminum Silver
Question 10
Where is Jamaica located?
Gulf Of Alaska Pacific Ocean
Caribbean Sea Arctic Ocean

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