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What do you know about books and authors?
Question 1
What name completes the opening line of Moby Dick, Call me ...?
Billy Budd Ishmael
Ahab Joshua
Question 2
In Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, Elizabeth unexpectedly falls in love with which man?
Colonel Fitzwilliam Mr. Rochester
Mr. Darcy Mr. Bingley
Question 3
William Shakespeare's character Alcibiades appears in which play?
Romeo And Juliet Measure For Measure
Timon Of Athens Richard II
Question 4
What street did William Shakespeare and his father live on?
Henley Street Harvey Road
Avon Road Stratford Avenue
Question 5
In Greek mythology, what is the name for that which existed before the world was formed?
Nyx Chaos
Void Erebus
Question 6
Who wrote the best-selling novel Carrie?
Stephen King Michel Jackson
Wes Craven John Carpenter
Question 7
In Interview with the Vampire, who was first cast as the interviewer played by Christian Slater?
Val Kilmer Emilio Estevez
Tom Cruise River Phoenix
Question 8
According to Greek mythology, who was Hercules' father?
Apollo Poseidon
Zeus Ares
Question 9
What did Prometheus give mankind, according to Greek mythology?
Flight Food
Water Fire
Question 10
In William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, who kills Mercutio?
Romeo Tybalt
Benvolio Petruchio

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