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What do you know about computers?
Question 1
What Windows keyboard shortcut will move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph?
Ctrl+Down Arrow F2
Ctrl+C Alt + F4
Question 2
Who is a cofounder of Cisco Systems, one of the world's top manufacturers of Internet routers?
Sandra Lerner Arthur C. Clarke
Melvil Dewey Jack St. Clair Kilby
Question 3
In instant messaging (IM), BEG stands for?
Best Evil Grin Bet Even Girl
Big Evil Grin Big Evil Grunt
Question 4
When IM'ing, if you type CFN what are you telling someone?
Can't Focus Now Can't Find Nose
Ciao For Now Chat For Now
Question 5
In a chat room on the Internet, what would rofl be understood to mean?
Ran Out For Liquid Race Off For Lunch
Rolling On Floor Laughing Read One From Library
Question 6
Which programming language came first?
BASIC Phrogram
Question 7
Which early British computer was manufactured by Acorn?
ZX Spectrum Atari 800XL
BBC Micro Amiga 500
Question 8
What protocol is used to transfer web page text and resources to a client browser?
Question 9
A website containing a chronological diary of personal thoughts is called what?
Blog Newscast
Feed Newsgroup
Question 10
What technical term is used to describe copying something from a web server to a computer?
Installing Grabbing
Web Copying Downloading

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