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Can you answer these 10 celebrity questions?
Question 1
Freddie Prinze, Jr. married which Scooby-Doo costar on September 1, 2002?
Sarah Michelle Gellar Isla Fisher
Linda Cardellini Jessica Biel
Question 2
In what country was Penelope Cruz born?
Italy USA
Spain Cuba
Question 3
What is a nickname of Penelope Cruz?
Spanish Enchantress Penne Pasta
Cruise Control Lady Love
Question 4
What U.S. President did Patrick Dempsey portray on TV as a young man?
Ronald Reagan John F. Kennedy
Harry Truman FDR
Question 5
What is Jack Nicholson's trademark item of clothing?
Combat Boots Neck Tie
Sports Coat Sunglasses
Question 6
What nationality is Daniel Radcliffe?
Irish American
British German
Question 7
Who did Rachael Ray marry in 2005?
John Cusimano Larry Falkner
Bill Smith Steve Allen
Question 8
What is actor Charlie Sheen's real name?
Shelton Jackson Lee Edward Bridge Danson, III
Carlos Irwin Estevez Stuart Leslie Goddard
Question 9
What is actor Christopher Walken's real first name?
Ronald Cornelius
Edward Richard
Question 10
Which Friends actor's character had the earliest spin-off show?
David Schwimmer Matt LeBlanc
Matthew Perry Courteney Cox

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