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What do you know about movies?
Question 1
At the start of The Man with the Golden Gun, what does Scaramanga shoot off a James Bond statue?
His Arm His Ear
His Head His Fingers
Question 2
In which country is the film Cinema Paradiso set?
Italy USA
France Spain
Question 3
Who played Lucy Harmon in the 1996 film Stealing Beauty?
Cameron Diaz Courteney Cox
Gwyneth Paltrow Liv Tyler
Question 4
The movie Edward Scissorhands was directed by whom?
Ridley Scott Tim Burton
Alfonso Arau Peter Greenaway
Question 5
In what film did Alan Rickman play Metatron?
A Knight's Tale Reversal Of Fortune
Naked Dogma
Question 6
What film did Roberto Benigni take home the Oscar in 1998 for Best Actor?
Cat Ballou Kramer Vs. Kramer
Life Is Beautiful The Bridge On The River Kwai
Question 7
Who played the young female lead in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
Halle Berry Ellen Page
Emma Watson Judi Dench
Question 8
Who played Capt. Jack Sparrow in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies?
Tim Robbins Tom Cruise
Johnny Depp Jude Law
Question 9
Who played Neo in The Matrix?
Jim Carrey Edward Furlong
Mark Hamill Keanu Reeves
Question 10
What color is Ted's hat in Curious George?
Yellow Orange
Blue Green

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