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What do you know about music and artists?
Question 1
Which U.K. group's biggest hit in the U.S. was When Smokey Sings?
The Untouchables Madness
ABC The Specials
Question 2
What U2 song contains the lyrics, a freeway like a river cuts through this land?
Heartland Bad
Bullet The Blue Sky Silver And Gold
Question 3
What decade is the hit single Say You'll Be There by Spice Girls from?
Sixties Eighties
Nineties Seventies
Question 4
Choose the artist/band who put out the CD Thug Holiday?
Baha Men Trick Daddy
Fatboy Slim Nelly
Question 5
Who is the lead singer of Pearl Jam?
Jay Gordon Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Vedder James Hetfield
Question 6
Which band first performed the song We Are the Champions?
Baha Men Queen
U2 Weezer
Question 7
Who is Declan Patrick McManus better known as?
Elvis Costello Bob Dylan
David Byrne George Michael
Question 8
Who sang a duet with Usher on his album Confessions?
Alicia Keys Mariah Carey
Avril Lavigne Norah Jones
Question 9
Which artist or group did Fallin' and Butterflyz?
Alicia Keys Sleepy Brown
Patti LaBelle Teena Marie
Question 10
Who has been called His Purple Highness?
Prince Bono
Will Smith Nick Cannon

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