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What do you know about TV-SHOWS?
Question 1
On the show How I Met Your Mother, who played Ted's best friend, Marshall?
Tony Danza Burt Lancaster
Jason Segal John Malkovich
Question 2
Who is the goth-styled scientist on the TV show NCIS?
Abby Ducky
Ziva Kate
Question 3
What is the real last name of Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?
Cohen Leibowitz
Berstein Johannsen
Question 4
What Neutrogena spokesmodel plays Marissa Cooper on The O.C.?
Rachel Bilson Kelly Rowan
Mischa Barton Melinda Clarke
Question 5
What is the name of Jon Cryer's character on TV's Two and a Half Men?
Alan Harper David Harper
Bill Harper William Harper
Question 6
Whose catchphrase on How I Met Your Mother is Suit up!?
Marshall Ted
Barney Robin
Question 7
In the 2005 revival of BBC's Doctor Who, who played the title character?
David Tennant William Hartnell
Christopher Eccleston Paul McGann
Question 8
Who plays the role of Gregory House in the TV show House?
Barry Evans Hugh Laurie
Christopher Walken Alan Alda
Question 9
Who does the voices of Stewie, Brian and Peter Griffin on the cartoon Family Guy?
Dan Castellaneta Bill Copp
Seth MacFarlane Matt Stone
Question 10
On Desperate Housewives, who blackmails Gabby to keep her affair with John secret?
Carrie Maddie
Ashley Brittany

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