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Take That Lyrics
Question 1
From which song : "Turn back the times 'til the days when our love was new " ?
If This Is Love Why Can I Wake Up With You
Another Crack In My Heart Relight My Fire
Question 2
From which song : "I used to enjoy spending my time on my own here" ?
Holding Back The Tears Never Forget
Sunday To Saturday Lady Tonight
Question 3
From which song : "The sun will shine, and we will see there's nothing standing in our way" ?
Ain No Sense In Love Beautiful World
Mancunian Way Wooden Boat
Question 4
From which song : "Have you found the program, that you've spend your whole life looking for" ?
Greatest Day The Circus
What Is Love How Did It Come To This
Question 5
From which song : "The greatest story that was ever told in the lights of history" ?
The Day The Work Is Done Love Love
When We Were Young Aliens
Question 6
From which song : "So collectable, why not collect them all Obviously cunningly, womanly" ?
Happy Now Kidz
Pretty Things Affirmation
Question 7
From which song : "Sometimes we don't know what we're waiting for That's the time to be the first one on the dance floor" ?
Reach Out Id Wait For Life
What You Believe In Wooden Boat
Question 8
From which song : "Moving in circles, decisions chasing me round and round Why's life never easy, or do we make it hard for ourselves" ?
Every Guy Nobody Else
Never Forget The Day After Tomorrow
Question 9
From which song : "Ohh no baby you know you always tried Make me look the fool, what's goin' on You used to be so good to me now what is wrong" ?
Another Crack In My Heart Meaning Of Love
If This Is Love Broken Your Heart
Question 10
From which song : "Seems that I've been playing your game And how you think you've won But when you count up what you've gained you're the lonely one" ?
Could It Be Magic Promises
Satisfied Give Good Feeling

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