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Can you answer these 10 questions about food and beverages?
Question 1
What is the primary flavoring agent of a Greek Tzatziki sauce?
Mustard Celery Seed
Onion Garlic
Question 2
What are the primary ingredients of a Greek village salad?
Tomatoes, Lettuce, Wild Greens And Beetroot Tomatoes, Cucumber, Garlic, Croutons And Feta Chee
Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onion, Olives And Feta Cheese Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lettuce, Green Peppers And Cro
Question 3
Which fruit used to be referred to as the love apple?
Tomato Passion Fruit
Strawberry Apple
Question 4
What juice is used to keep fruits from turning brown due to exposure to air?
Lemon Juice Apple Juice
Grapefruit Juice Orange Juice
Question 5
Which food is known as brain food?
Oysters Veal
Chicken Fish
Question 6
What is chicken stuffed with garlic butter traditionally called?
Chicken Cordon Bleu Chicken Kiev
Chicken Maryland Garlic Chicken
Question 7
Which food can be called marrowfat?
Processed Peas Cabbage
Marrows Steak
Question 8
The alcohol found in wine, beer and liquors is called either grain alcohol or what?
Plenol Colomol
Methanol Ethanol
Question 9
A red wine made from gamay grapes grown in the Lyon region of France is called what?
Bock Beaujolais
Moselle Amontillado
Question 10
What cut of meat is traditionally used for the dish osso buco?
Porterhouse Shanks
Bottom Round Loin Chops

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