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What do you know about David Bowie?
Question 1
How old was David Bowie when he formed his first band?
15 16
17 18
Question 2
When was David Bowie born?
8 January 1947 6 January 1947
7 January 1947 10 January 1947
Question 3
David Bowie's first hit, Space Oddity, was released when?
1967 1968
1969 1970
Question 4
What is Ziggy Stardust?
David Bowie's dog An album name
An alter ego of David Bowie Movie featuring David Bowie
Question 5
With which album did David Bowie have his US breakthrough?
Young Americans Heroes
Low Station to station
Question 6
When was David Bowie's last life performance?
2004 2005
2006 2007
Question 7
What album did David Bowie release January 8th 2016?
Blackstar Nothing has changed
Earthling The next day
Question 8
What's David Bowie's birth name?
David Eric Jones David W. Jones
David Bowie Jones David Robert Jones
Question 9
Who do David Bowie make the mega hit Under Pressure with?
Queen Paul McCartney
Michael Jackson Mick Jagger
Question 10
In which city was David Bowie born?
Manchester London
Liverpool New York

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