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Can you answer these 10 technology questions?
Question 1
In the early days of computers, what were 4 bits called?
Narrow Channel Architecture Nibble
None Of These Choices Half Speed
Question 2
Which kind of clock is accurate to within one second in 1.7 million years?
Swatch Digital
Atomic Swiss Movement
Question 3
What is the control for the level of sound coming out of the left or right speakers called?
Balance Algorithm
Corrosion Aspect Ratio
Question 4
Which device is used by a computer to display graphics and information on a video screen?
Modem Keyboard
Mouse Monitor
Question 5
What is an individual speaker in a loudspeaker system called?
Coil Driver
Bracket Paper
Question 6
Which device helps you find your location?
Game Boy Digital Camera
Question 7
What type of device would someone use to call a friend?
Telephone Laptop
iPod Clock
Question 8
What is the name of the robotic vacuum cleaner made and sold by iRobot?
Roomba Floortron
Vactron Cleanbot
Question 9
What wireless technology replaced infrared?
Bluetooth Blue-Ray
Bluecard Blueconnect
Question 10
What is a bar code product identifier number called?
ICU String

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