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Can you answer these 10 music questions?
Question 1
What instrument does Boyd Tinsley play in the Dave Matthews Band?
Drums Violin
Saxophone Bass
Question 2
Who did U2's Bono say was Picasso to me?
Bob Dylan Frank Sinatra
Bruce Springsteen Elvis Presley
Question 3
What sport does Lars Ulrich's father Torben, a jazz musician, play professionally?
Tennis Basketball
Soccer Baseball
Question 4
Where is Abbey Road actually located?
Peterborough, England Manchester, England
Paris, France London, England
Question 5
Which of these vocalists collaborated with The Chemical Brothers on the song Where Do I Begin?
Marianne Faithfull Fiona Apple
Dolores O'riordan Beth Orton
Question 6
What rapper once wore a platinum QB necklace?
Raekwon QB Man
Prodigy NAS
Question 7
Who was U2's Angel of Harlem written in honor of?
John Coltrane Ella Fitzgerald
Billie Holiday Miles Davis
Question 8
In what language was the song 99 Luftballons originally recorded?
German French
Japanese Spanish
Question 9
Which Ska/New Wave band had a hit single with Our House?
Fishbone The Specials
Untouchables Madness
Question 10
What horror movie did the Ramones write the title song to?
An American Werewolf In London It
Pet Sematary Cat People

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