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Can you answer these 10 history questions?
Question 1
Who was the last of the Tudor dynasty?
Mary I Henry VIII
James I Elizabeth I
Question 2
What year did one of the Boer Wars begin in South Africa?
1970 1996
1914 1899
Question 3
What year did Napoleon invade Russia and reach Moscow?
1951 1864
1901 1812
Question 4
What year did Napoleon proclaim himself as the emperor of France?
1893 1779
1824 1804
Question 5
In which year was Yasser Arafat awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
1994 1981
1974 1963
Question 6
In what year did the Warsaw Pact officially dissolve?
1902 1941
1991 1912
Question 7
What city in Germany was first to manufacture glass ornaments?
Nuremburg Lauscha
Berlin Hamburg
Question 8
What did N.O.W. stand for?
Newly Organized Women National Organization For Women
Nationally Organized Women National Organization Of Women
Question 9
Which country was the first to have a female prime minister?
Israel Sri Lanka
India United Kingdom
Question 10
What was the name of Spain's main Fascist movement?
Nsdap Partido Facista Espanol
Falange Phalangeros

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