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What do you know about beauty and fashion?
Question 1
What designer has a line of athletic clothing called EBTEK?
Enigad Berlise Elmo
Eddie Bauer Tommy Hilfiger
Question 2
What nationality is model Elle Macpherson?
South African Austrian
American Australian
Question 3
What is the name for the point at the top of an opened umbrella?
Pointer Brell
Ferrule Shaft
Question 4
Which clothing company's logo features a 3D rhinoceros?
Chaps Fubu
Sean John Ecko
Question 5
A hoodie in fashion terms refers to what?
Sweatshirt With Hood A Hood To A Parka
Raincoat With A Hood Ski Cap
Question 6
In what country would you buy a sarape to keep you warm?
France Italy
Canada Mexico
Question 7
What symbol is on the Chuck Taylor sneaker?
Square Star
Moon Flower
Question 8
Cowboys from Argentina share a name with what popular cut of pants?
Caballeros Pampas
Gauchos Capris
Question 9
Who would be most likely to wear a dirndl?
An Inuit A Maori
An Austrian An Indian
Question 10
Designer Gianni Versace was born in what European nation?
Monaco Italy
Germany Holland

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