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Can you answer these 10 questions about food and beverages?
Question 1
What produces the flavor of maple syrup?
A Flavoring Additive Forest Air
Added Sugars Cooking The Syrup
Question 2
Which ingredient combination makes Sauce Choron?
Egg, Butter, White Wine, Lemon Egg, Tomato, Tarragon, Butter
Egg, Orange, Butter, Vinegar Egg, Mint, Butter, Cayenne
Question 3
In Cajun cooking, what ingredients are known as the Holy Trinity?
Celery, Onions, Bell Pepper Roux, Fish Stock, Shrimp
Tabasco, Cornbread, Okra Crawdads, Cayenne Peppers, Beer
Question 4
In addition to filet mignon, what will you find in a Filet Antonio?
Crabmeat And Bearnaise Sauce Crabmeat And Hollandaise Sauce
Crabmeat And Bechamel Sauce Crabmeat And Antonio Sauce
Question 5
Which meat is used for classic wiener schnitzel?
Lamb Veal
Pork It Doesn't Matter
Question 6
In Greek mythology, who is the god of wine?
Pan Dionysus
Mars Bacchus
Question 7
The average cup of coffee has how many milligrams of caffeine?
200 Milligrams 100 Milligrams
5 Milligrams 30 Milligrams
Question 8
What is used to cook ceviche?
A Bar-B-Que Grill Lime Juice
An Oiled Skillet A Double Boiler
Question 9
In what type of cuisine is a tomatillo mainly found?
Greek Japanese
Mexican Chinese
Question 10
Which item is a potato-based noodle?
Farfalle Spaetzle
Gnocchi Rotini

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