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Can you answer these 10 computer questions?
Question 1
For what product is Lexmark best known?
Digital Media Printers
Keyboards Bar Code Readers
Question 2
What does www stand for?
World Wide Weather World Wide Web
Want, Wish And Wonder Women Want Watermelon
Question 3
What company made the Presario computer?
Hewlett-Packard Compaq
Packard Bell IBM
Question 4
In 2001, a virus spread by masquerading as a digital picture of which celebrity?
Alyssa Milano Madonna
Anna Kournikova Jennifer Garner
Question 5
When was the first version of ICQ introduced?
June, 1977 April, 2001
November, 1996 January, 1987
Question 6
What is the main use of Microsoft Outlook?
Accounting Anti-Virus
Web Browser Email
Question 7
What Windows keyboard shortcut will select all text on the document/page?
F4 Ctrl + A
Backspace F10
Question 8
Which shortcut in a Windows application allows you to put text in italics?
Ctrl + L Ctrl + Up Arrow
Ctrl + C Ctrl + I
Question 9
What Windows keyboard shortcut will bring up the dialog box to open a file?
Alt + Esc Ctrl + X
Alt + O Ctrl + O
Question 10
Which word processing program keyboard shortcut in Windows allows you to underline?
Alt+Tab F5
Ctrl+Left Arrow Ctrl+U

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