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One Direction
Question 1
When was Harry born?
1st February 1994 3st February 1994
5st February 1994 7st February 1994
Question 2
What's the name of Liam's parents?
Linda and Derren Tina and Martin
Karen and Geoff Mona and Peter
Question 3
Where did Zayn grow up?
Liverpool Bradford
Manchester London
Question 4
What's Harry's middle name?
Charles Dawn
Edward Baldrian
Question 5
What awesome skill does Liam have?
Beatboxing Skate boarding
Surfing Drawing
Question 6
When was Niall born?
11th September 1993 7th September 1993
3rd September 1993 13th September 1993
Question 7
What member has the middle name Javadd?
Liam Zayn
Niall Harry
Question 8
At what age was Niall kissed for the first time?
10 13
12 11
Question 9
What's the name of Niall's older brother?
Eric Greg
Michael Peter
Question 10
Who's Liams favorite singer?
David Bowie Chris Kirkpatrick
Justin Timberlake Robbie Williams

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