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Can you answer these 10 computer questions?
Question 1
What is a nybble?
Eight Bytes Two Bytes
Four Bytes Half A Byte
Question 2
Who invented HTML?
Tim Berners-Lee Bill Gates
Dennis Ritchie Bjarne Stroustrup
Question 3
What is the DOS command used to clear the screen?
Cls Clsm
Csl Lsd
Question 4
What is the name of the microcomputer kit offered by MITS Inc. in 1975, for just $400?
Pdp20 Altair
Little Bo Peep Dark Star
Question 5
What two basic units make up the central processing unit or CPU?
Control Unit And Arithmetic Logic Unit Control Unit And Memory Unit
Arithmetic Logic Unit And Memory Unit System Clock And Control Unit
Question 6
What company co-wrote the first OS/2 operating system with IBM?
Sun Microsystems Microsoft
Adobe Blizzard
Question 7
To create a numbered list in HTML, which tag would you begin with?
Question 8
The Windows file extension .au denotes what type of file?
Animated Image Australian
Audio Text
Question 9
What web browser plug-in allows you to view a .PDF file?
RealAudio Player Active X
Acrobat Reader Flash
Question 10
What is a single request from a browser to a server called?
An Ad View A Page View
A Hit An Unique Visitor

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