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World History Quiz - 10 Questions!
Question 1
In what year did King John of England sign the Magna Carta?
1215 1611
1763 1776
Question 2
Which country is Timbuktu in?
Mozambique Kenya
Mali Namibia
Question 3
Petrach is known as the father of what school of thought?
Secularism Humanism
Mannerism Scholasticism
Question 4
Who was known as the Mad Monarch?
Ethelred Charles I
George III Henry IV
Question 5
Which famous British battle cruiser did the Bismarck sink?
Renown Prince Of Wales
Repulse Hood
Question 6
In what year did Australia become a federated nation?
1914 1788
1901 1888
Question 7
What was the first country to have a postage stamp depicting an animal?
USA Canada
South Africa Monaco
Question 8
I am the third wife of Henry VIII, who am I?
Elizabeth Taylor Duchess Montrique
Caroline Howard Jane Seymour
Question 9
What world leader was nicknamed The Iron Lady?
Imelda Marcos Golda Meir
Jackie Kennedy Margaret Thatcher
Question 10
Monks live in what?
Tributaries Monasteries
Retreats Churches

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