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Can you answer these 10 questions about food and beverages?
Question 1
Malt liquor is an example of a strong what?
Ale Stout
Porter Lager
Question 2
Which German city and capital of Bavaria was the home of the original Oktoberfest?
Berlin Munich
Frankfurt Hamburg
Question 3
What sweet pepper might be easily found in a bar, as well as in a kitchen?
Paprika Pimiento
Papaya Pepino
Question 4
Garbanzo beans are also known as?
Kidney Beans Chick Peas
Pigeon Peas Lentils
Question 5
What is Vichyssoise?
Italian Ice Cream A Type Of Chip Dip
Cold French Soup Spanish Rice
Question 6
The food pierogi comes from what country?
China Poland
Canada Italy
Question 7
What fish species was threatened due to the Cajun style of cooking it?
Sole Redfish
Salmon Red Snapper
Question 8
What is a Bueche de Noel?
A Christmas Candy A Roll Cake Served At Christmas
A Christmas Salad A Holiday Pie Made With Eggnog
Question 9
What type of fish is a dangerous delicacy for sushi eaters if not correctly prepared?
Blowfish Shark
Jellyfish Starfish
Question 10
It is claimed that fries originated in which country?
France Belgium
USA Denmark

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