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Can you answer these 10 computer game questions?
Question 1
In the game of Capture the Flag, what is the goal?
Planting Flag On Opponent's Ground Capturing Other Team's Flag
Running Your Flag Up A Flagpole Winning A Race
Question 2
In Tamagotchi: Party On! if you shake as many hands as you can in a Mini-Game, what do you win?
Diamond Bracelets Fudge Cookies
Gold Medals Popularity Points
Question 3
Assassin's Creed III is set primarily on which continent?
Asia Europe
Africa North America
Question 4
In Dishonored, the protagonist is a bodyguard-turned-what?
Monk Priest
Assassin Blacksmith
Question 5
Crusader Kings II takes place during which historical period?
Modern Era Roman Empire
Renaissance Middle Ages
Question 6
By default, the game Crusader Kings II begins in which important year?
1066 1492
1179 1341
Question 7
What is the subtitle of the game Epic Mickey 2?
The Power of One The Power of Three
The Power of Four The Power of Two
Question 8
Which character from Diablo and Diablo II dies in Diablo III?
King Leoric Tyrael
Deckard Cain Leah
Question 9
Darksiders II follows which Horseman of the Apocalypse?
Death Pestilence
Famine War
Question 10
Which power in Darksiders II operates as a grappling hook?
Soul Splitter Voidwalker
Death Grip Interdiction

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