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What do you know about geography?
Question 1
Which is the longest river in Europe?
The Rhone The Rhine
The Volga The Danube
Question 2
What is the Irish name for Dublin?
Baile Atha Cliath Daba Ath Cleithe
Dubh Linnhe Dublin
Question 3
Which mountain marks the center of Jamaica?
Mocho Mountains Bull Head Mountain
John Crow Mountain Blue Mountain
Question 4
Which capital city was designed by Pierre L'Enfant?
London Paris
Ottawa Washington, D.C.
Question 5
Which is the second largest Australian state?
New South Wales Queensland
South Australia Northern Territory
Question 6
What is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada?
Saskatoon Prince Albert
Regina Moose Jaw
Question 7
What African capital is closest to the equator?
Kampala Nairobi
Kigali Libreville
Question 8
In what country will you find the Serengeti Plain?
South Africa Tanzania
Kenya Botswana
Question 9
What is the approximate length of the Congo River?
2,900 Miles 1,918 Miles
2,345 Miles 3,124 Miles
Question 10
What famous fairy tale writer was German?
J.K. Rowling E.B. White
Wilhelm Grimm Mother Goose

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