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What do you know about computer games?
Question 1
The Xbox needs what type of special equipment to play DVDs?
Remote Control Computer Chip
Hard-Drive Controller
Question 2
What video game system from Microsoft came out in 2005?
PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
Wii Nintendo DS
Question 3
Which game system controller uses a triangle, circle, X and square for buttons?
Xbox GameCube
Nintendo Game Boy Advance PlayStation 2
Question 4
Gamers can put what old video game CDs into PlayStation 2?
Xbox 360 PSOne Games
Game Boy Advance PC Game Discs
Question 5
What sort of animal is Curious George?
Giraffe Bird
Cat Monkey
Question 6
What color is Shrek in the Shrek 2 PlayStation game?
Black Gray
Green Purple
Question 7
What color is the hat that Nintendo's character Luigi wears?
Red White
Green Black
Question 8
What color is the game character Kirby?
Blue Yellow
Silver Pink
Question 9
How many people do you need to play Bubblegum?
2 1
6 3
Question 10
How many suits are there in a pack of playing cards?
3 4
6 2

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