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Can you answer these 10 business/economy related questions?
Question 1
What ad campaign for McDonald's was known to be their most successful?
The Arch Deluxe Chicken McNuggets
The 99 Cent Big Mac The Batman Happy Meal
Question 2
Who started out working in their father's store and later became the owner of over a dozen hotels?
Howard Johnson Donald Trump
Conrad Hilton Leona Helmsley
Question 3
The zloty is the official currency of which country?
Poland Hungary
Andorra Angola
Question 4
When Royal Dutch and Shell joined together in 1907, what two countries did they represent?
Netherlands And Germany Netherlands And U.K.
Netherlands And USA Spain And U.K.
Question 5
The FTSE 100 represents about what percentage by market cap of all British public companies?
99% 10%
80% 25%
Question 6
The FTSE 100 is co-owned by the London Stock Exchange and who?
Forbes Financial Times
London Times Dow Jones
Question 7
What food and drink brand is considered to be the most valuable brand in the world?
Hershey Pepsi
McDonald's Coca-Cola
Question 8
What year did Microsoft go public?
1980 1986
1999 1976
Question 9
What is the name of the currency in Angola?
Drakma Dollar
Yenta Kwanza
Question 10
Who did Steven Wozniak help give birth to Apple Computers?
Carl Sagan Steve Earl
Steve Jobs Bill Gates

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