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10 questions quiz about things on TV!
Question 1
On Seinfeld, who did Kramer punch while at fantasy baseball camp?
Joe Pepitone Reggie Jackson
Catfish Hunter Mickey Mantle
Question 2
On TV's EastEnders, what was the name of the doctor played by Leonard Fenton?
Dr. Hand Dr. Iris
Dr. Legg Dr. Foote
Question 3
Who played Joey on Friends?
Sean Hannity Roger Cygar
Matt Lawton Matt LeBlanc
Question 4
On The Sopranos what is Big Pussy's auto-body shop called?
Sal's Auto Body Cleveland Auto Body
North Jersey Auto Body Big P's Auto Body
Question 5
Which network airs Punk'd?
VH1 Spike TV
Question 6
What animator/writer helped create South Park?
Trey Parker Ke Huy Quan
Andrea Parker Christa Miller
Question 7
What is the name of Charlie's band on the show Lost?
Drive Shaft Plane Wreck
Drive Home The Drive
Question 8
On Family Guy, how many kids do Lois and Peter have?
4 3
0 2
Question 9
On Family Guy, what is the name of the bar Peter and his friends always drink at?
The Drunken Clam Intoxicated Dean's
Moe's Bar Stein For You
Question 10
On the TV show Firefly, what was the name of the ship's doctor?
Kaylee River
Jayne Simon

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