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Justin Bieber
Question 1
What's his full name?
Justin Allan Bieber Justin Drew Bieber
Justin Carl Bieber Justin Michael Bieber
Question 2
When was he born?
June 1st 1994 April 1st 1994
January 1st 1994 March 1st 1994
Question 3
How did he get famous to begin with?
X-factor Canada Got Talent
Youtube Facebook
Question 4
In what city did he grew up?
Stratford Belleville
Elliot Lake Kenora
Question 5
What's his mothers name?
Angie Peterson Carol Bieber
Diane Bieber Pattie Malette
Question 6
How tall is he?
5 ft 9 5 ft 7
5 ft 5 5 ft 8
Question 7
Which one is NOT one of his former girlfriends?
Selena Gomez Tati Neves
Katy Lime Jordan Ozuna
Question 8
What is his eye color?
Light blue Light brown
Dark green Grey
Question 9
What's the name of his debut album?
My Own World Come To My World
My World Only In My World
Question 10
What's his favorite movie?
The Notebook Lord Of The Rings
Harry Potter Cast Away

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