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What do you know about music and artists?
Question 1
In the movie Absolute Beginners, what did David Bowie play?
A Musician A Teacher
A Lawyer A Businessman
Question 2
What is the name of B.B. King's guitar?
Desdemona Lucille
Jalinda Louise
Question 3
Which artist was responsible for the album A Love Supreme?
John Coltrane Charlie Parker
Dizzy Gillespie Miles Davis
Question 4
Who was David Bowie also known as?
Jean Genie Starman
Thin White Duke Iggy Pop
Question 5
Who was the first husband of the singer Madonna?
Warren Beatty Joseph Leon Ciccone
Sean Penn Jelly Bean Benitez
Question 6
Who is the only singer to take the song Sweet Dreams to #1?
Reba McEntire Emmylou Harris
Patsy Cline Loretta Lynn
Question 7
Who wrote the classic blues song Stormy Monday?
Dickey Betts Peter Green
Elmore James T Bone Walker
Question 8
What is singer Beck's given last name?
Hanson He Doesn't Have One
Beck Campbell
Question 9
What is Mick Jagger's full name?
Christopher Mick Jagger Michael Phillip Jagger
Mick Andrew Johnson Michael Andrew Johnson
Question 10
What was Radiohead's first hit?
Pablo Honey Creep
Karma Police High & Dry

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