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What do you know about movies?
Question 1
What was the name of the restaurant where Vincent and Jules ate at the end of Pulp Fiction?
Chelsea's Palace Jackrabbit Slim's
Jimmy's Chicken Shack Hawthorne Grille
Question 2
What are the business hours of the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction?
10am-9pm Every Day Noon-8pm Monday-Friday
10am-5pm Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm Monday-Sunday
Question 3
My name is Peter Parker, but who am I known better as?
Green Hornet Aquaman
Spider-Man The Flash
Question 4
In the movie Pulp Fiction, what part of the body does Fabian think is sexy?
An Impressive Organ A Pot-Belly
A Muscular Physique Aggressive Tendencies
Question 5
In Jurassic Park, what type of dinosaur does Grant discover in the badlands?
Velociraptor Maiasaurus
Triceratops Tyrannosaurus
Question 6
In Spider-Man, who was Peter Parker aka Spider-Man's boss?
Perry White J.J. Jackson
J. Jonah Jameson J.J. Jacobs
Question 7
Who played Magneto in X-Men?
Christopher Lee Sean Penn
Sean Connery Ian McKellen
Question 8
Who directed the 1993 thriller, Jurassic Park?
Bruce Beresford Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Steve Miner Steven Spielberg
Question 9
The movie, Jurassic Park III, was directed by whom?
Des Mcanuff Herbert Ross
Jake Kasdan Joe Johnston
Question 10
What spell is cast on Ella in the 2004 movie Ella Enchanted?
She Can't Talk She Must Obey
She Is Always Mean Her Nose Grows When She Lies

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