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What do you know about history?
Question 1
The Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in what year?
1255 1453
Never Did 1675
Question 2
In what year did King George V die?
1935 1952
1933 1936
Question 3
In what Tahitian bay did Captain Cook first land?
Kealekalua Bay Botany Bay
Endeavour Bay Matavai Bay
Question 4
Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
Edmund Barton John Howard
Gough Whitlam Joan Kirner
Question 5
During which Chinese dynasty was the Great Wall of China built?
Han Dynasty Ming Dynasty
Yuan Dynasty Qin Dynasty
Question 6
Where was the treaty signed ending the Russo-Japanese War?
Portsmouth, New Hampshire Anchorage, Alaska
Tokyo, Japan St. Petersburg, Russia
Question 7
Which war was concluded by the Treaty of Utrecht?
Thirty Years' War War Of Spanish Succession
War Of Austrian Succession Boer War
Question 8
What was published in Japanese newspapers every month from December 1941 to September 1945?
Declaration Of War Story Of Japan's Founding
Pearl Harbor Weather Reports A Letter From The Emperor
Question 9
Where in England was the Magna Carta signed in 1215?
Southwark Tower Of London
Salisbury Plain A Field Near Runnymede
Question 10
Who was the Greek God of Love?
Panthemonias Heracles
Cupid Eros

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