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What do you know about computer games?
Question 1
Which characters are two non-videogame mascots who have their own NES games?
Willy Wonka And The Dots Scrubby Bubbles And Chester Cheetah
Little Caesar And Slim Jim Dominos' Noid And 7'Up's Spot
Question 2
Who were the heroes of the PlayStation game Legend of Legaia?
Vahn, Noa And Gala Mako, Rinoa And Squall
Vahn, Xain And Tifa James, Quistis And Areco
Question 3
In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, who is Link's lifelong friend living in Kokiri Forest?
Mido Jack
Zelda Saria
Question 4
How many flutes are there in Super Mario Bros. 3?
3 20
1 0
Question 5
Which video game character has his own go-cart game for Nintendo 64 and GameCube?
Toad Mario
Luigi Wario
Question 6
What video-game series is the character Sub-Zero from?
John Madden Football Mortal Kombat
Grand Theft Auto Tekken
Question 7
What does the rating EC stand for on a video game?
Extra Control Easy Control
Everyone Can Early Childhood
Question 8
What was Atari's first cartridge-based home video system called?
Atari 356 Atari 5600
Atari 2 Atari 2600
Question 9
What game for Nintendo used a light gun?
Pong Missile Defense
Duck Hunt Star Castle
Question 10
The Xbox game system was created by what company?
Microsoft Sony
Dell Nintendo

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