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What do you know about animals?
Question 1
What is the distinguishing feature of a Manx cat?
Curly Coat Folded Ears
Missing Claws Short Or Missing Tail
Question 2
Primarily, what color is a Samoyed?
Gray And White White
Black Grayish
Question 3
Which is the largest rodent in North America?
The Norway Rat The Ferret
The Opossum The Beaver
Question 4
What is a Canis Lupus?
Arctic Fox Coyote
Dingo Gray Wolf
Question 5
What animal is classified as the only marsupial in the United States?
Zorille Opossum
Raccoon Auk
Question 6
What is the tallest type of horse?
Arabian Thoroughbred
Suffolk Punch Shire
Question 7
What is a pressure point on dogs?
Middle Of Stomach Their Paws
Tips Of Their Ears Dogs Don't Have Any
Question 8
What breed of cat has curly hair?
The Burmese The Rex
The Balinese The Manx
Question 9
What two breeds of cats originally were cross-bred to create the Tonkinese breed?
Siamese And Burmese Siamese And Abyssian
Siamese And Himalayan Burmese And Balinese
Question 10
Which African hunting dog is known for yodeling and laughing?
Poodle Basenji
Hovawart Corgi

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