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Question 1
In which district of the United Kingdom is Scaffel Pike, England's highest peak, found?
The Lake District The Peak District
Merseyside East Anglia
Question 2
Which country was formerly known as Nyasaland?
Malawi Uganda
Rwanda Mali
Question 3
A 1634 Spanish decree called what city Key to the New World and Rampart of the West Indies?
Port Of Spain Havana
San Juan Santo Domingo
Question 4
You can get a fabulous view of what city from Mount Victoria?
Wellington Nairobi
Vienna Islamabad
Question 5
Avarua, the capital of the Cook Islands, is located on which South Pacific atoll?
Bora-Bora Aitutaki
Rarotonga Tongatapu
Question 6
Where is Paramount Canada's Wonderland located?
Hamilton Toronto
Vancouver Montreal
Question 7
What geography term is defined as map scale which is written in words and numbers?
High Water Mark Flow Lines
Azimuth Statement Scale
Question 8
On which continent is Greece located?
Asia North America
Africa Europe
Question 9
Barbuda is considered to be part of which continent?
Europe North America
Asia Africa
Question 10
Where can you find Denali National Park?
Alaska Spain
Ireland Africa

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