- daily riddles, puzzles & brain teasers!
Insert the correct word in the sentence!
Question 1
We saw ____ of cows in the field
a lot allot
Question 2
Martin tried ____ to navigate the storm
always all ways
Question 3
The priest conducted the ceremony at the ____
altar alter
Question 4
He had a large ____ of money
number amount
Question 5
The skilled jeweler ____ a diamond at $1000
apprise appraise
Question 6
The campaign was filled with one ____ after another
dispersion aspersion
Question 7
____ is a very addicting substance
heroine heroin
Question 8
The fire drill required everyone to leave the building quietly and ____
singly singularly
Question 9
After a day of harvesting corn, the worker was very ____
weary wary
Question 10
Velma grabbed her ____ before heading out the door
mantel mantle

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