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Question 1
What horse jumped the world record 2.47 meters in 1949?
Phar Lap Huaso Ex-Faithful
War Admiral Barbaro
Question 2
What horse has the fast speed ever recorded (70.76 km pr hour) ?
Winning Brew Tarzan Francis
Gracious Legs Golden Partner
Question 3
What's the smallest horse breed in the world?
Shetlands Mare
Miniature Horse Falabella
Question 4
Which horse is valued at the recording breaking $45 million USD?
Green Monkey Mystic Park
Shareef Dancer Pine Chip
Question 5
What horse is the only one to ever win 3 Olympic gold medals in show jumping?
Halla Irish Prince
Baltic Companion Pure Blood
Question 6
How old was the oldest horse to ever live when it died?
55 years old 62 years old
69 years old 71 years old
Question 7
Who's the most winning trainer of all time? (all disciplines)
Dale Baird Thomas Febard
Peter S. Fairstrand D. Wayne Lukad
Question 8
Who won the most Olympic gold medals ever? (rider)
Hans-Gunther Winkler Nicholas John Cowan
Anthony A. Speelman Carmen J. Koper
Question 9
What organ is the horse missing?
Liver A second lung
Kidneys Gall bladder
Question 10
How many teeth does an adult male horse have en general?
36 40
42 32

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