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Christmas Songs, find the missing word!
Question 1
From Deck the Halls, : "Don we now our _ apparel"
gay may
fine white
Question 2
From Feliz Navidad : "Prospero _ y Felicidad"
Uno And
Ano Via
Question 3
From Here Comes Santa Claus : "He's got a bag that's filled with _"
candy toys
goodies presents
Question 4
From I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus : "She thought that I was _"
tucked sleeping
drowse settled
Question 5
From I'll Be Home for Christmas : "Please have snow and _"
mistletoe presents
turkey lights
Question 6
From It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year : "And _ out in the snow"
playing jumping
singing caroling
Question 7
From A Holly Jolly Christmas : "Kiss her _ for me"
just once
chick nose
Question 8
From Joy to the World : "While fields and floods, _____, hills and plains"
stones cliffs
trees rocks
Question 9
From It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas : "A pair of _ boots and a pistol that shoots"
red hopalong
long leather
Question 10
From Frosty the Snowman : "Down to the village, with a _ in his hand"
broomstick carrot
present child

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