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What do you know about Christmas?
Question 1
Who decided the colors of Santa's outfit?
His mom State of North Pole
Coca Cola Old fairy tale
Question 2
Santa is partly based on an old ___ from year 300
Prince Bishop
King Myth
Question 3
Which is not another word for Christmas?
Evangulas NoŽl
Nativity Yule
Question 4
Which country invented the Christmas tree?
Denmark Germany
Canada United States
Question 5
Who decided that December 25th should be the official date for the birthday of Christ?
Pope Julius I St. Mathias
German government in 1622 No one knows
Question 6
When was the first Christmas trees sold in the US?
1700 1750
1800 1850
Question 7
Mistletoe means what?
Little dung twig Plant of Christmas
Love below May fall again
Question 8
Which president banned Christmas trees from the White House?
Ronald Reagan Gerald Ford
Teddy Roosevelt Harry S. Truman
Question 9
Which is not one of Santa's reindeer?
Powder Comet
Cupid Blitzen
Question 10
What's the average age of a Christmas tree before they're sold?
3 years 5 years
10 years 15 years

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