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Can you answer these 10 questions about Adele?
Question 1
When was Adele born?
5th Feb 1988 5th May 1988
5th July 1988 5th Sept 1988
Question 2
Who did she sign with in 2006?
National Anthem Hyperdub
PMR XL Recordings
Question 3
What's the name of Adele's debut album?
17 18
19 20
Question 4
How many Grammy Awards did Adele win in 2012?
6 7
3 5
Question 5
What's the name of Adele's partner in life?
Simon Konecki Mike Andres
Robert Knaawerben August Valentine
Question 6
Adele was on the cover of which magazine in March 2012?
US Vogue UK Vogue
Woman's Day People
Question 7
Adele was on Saturday Night Live the same night as who?
Donald Trump Sarah Palin
Barack Obama Madonna
Question 8
Adele received fan mail from who?
ex British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Steven Tyler
Daniel Craig James Bond director Sam Mendes
Question 9
What's Adele's full birth name?
Adele Rowan Blue Adkins Adele Laurie Brent Adkins
Adele Laurie Blue Atkinson Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Question 10
How many sugars does Adele take in her tea?
1 2
3 4

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