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Kenny vs Spenny
Question 1
In the "Who can smoke the most weed" episode, the genius Kenny writes this equation on a board : "1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5", according to stoned Kenny, this equation equals what?
15 EM2C
1 Million 1000
Question 2
What's the name of Spenny's cousin?
Bianca Tina
Louise Kate
Question 3
Spenny claims he hasn't laughed hysterically since when?
1982 1991
1987 1985
Question 4
Where did Kenny go to fucking war?
Sweden Disneyland
Iraq Vietnam
Question 5
In the "Who can kiss more women?" episode, Kenny kissed how many women?
220 520
900 420
Question 6
Who lost the "Who can survive in the woods the longest?" episode?
Kenny Spenny
Kenny & Spenny No one
Question 7
In which episode is the famous atomic wedgie the humiliation?
Who is the strongest? Who is the best actor?
Who can drink more beer? Who has the biggest balls?
Question 8
Which horse did Spenny place a bet on in the "Who can earn the most money in three days?" episode?
Speedy Gonzales Petite Mermaid
Lady Madonna Fast & Furious
Question 9
What's Kenny's sisters name?
Martina Mariam
Marlene Minty
Question 10
When did Kenny vs Spenny hit the screen for the first time?
2001 2003
2002 2004

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