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10 hard questions about stuff on TV
Question 1
On Modern Family, from where did Cameron and Mitchell adopt Lily?
Japan Vietnam
China South Korea
Question 2
Who is the executive producer for Falling Skies?
George Lucas James Franco
Steven Spielberg Noah Wyle
Question 3
What year was Billy Gardell who plays Mike in Mike & Molly born?
1959 1962
1969 1977
Question 4
Which actor won the 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy?
Eric Stonestreet Ty Burrell
Ed O'Neill Jon Cryer
Question 5
In the first season of Once Upon a Time, Snow White is buried in a coffin made from which substance?
Marble Steel
Glass Wood
Question 6
The 4th season of Jersey Shore took place in which European country?
France Austria
Greece Italy
Question 7
The 1980 mini-series Shogun takes place in which Country?
China Portugal
Japan Australia
Question 8
Which two characters finally break up in the 5th season of iCarly?
Spencer and Gibby Lindsay and Kyle
Nathan and Jess Sam & Freddie
Question 9
Which object in Doctor Who is often referred to as being bigger on the inside?
The Doctor's Head The Psychic Paper
The TARDIS The Sonic Screwdriver
Question 10
In Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor inspired which queen to found the Torchwood Institute?
Queen Victoria Queen Mary
Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth II

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