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10 hard questions about science & nature
Question 1
How many Skylab Missions went up in space?
23 1
12 3
Question 2
What type of animal is an African wild cat?
Fish Insect
Mammal Bird
Question 3
What is Mercury's period of revolution around the sun?
88 Earth Days 247.7 Earth Years
365.26 Days 164.79 Earth Years
Question 4
What is Pluto's period of revolution around the sun?
88 Earth Days 225 Earth Days
365.26 Days 247.7 Earth Years
Question 5
Botulinum toxin is commonly referred to as what?
Botox Botulism
Botolio Boxtox
Question 6
What do human adults usually have 32 of?
Veins Toe Hairs
Teeth Bones
Question 7
The membrane in the ear is named for what musical instrument?
Violin Drum
Trombone Bugle
Question 8
What's the chemical symbol for water?
Question 9
What is the chemical symbol for gold?
Au Cu
Question 10
What is another name for a male sheep?
Ewe Doe
Ox Ram

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