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Question 1
What is Adele crazy for in a 2008 song title?
You Rain
Glory Dreaming
Question 2
In what city was Leona Lewis born and raised?
Paris Manchester
Leeds London
Question 3
Finish The Lyric: It's turning, while my guitar?
Slowly Strums Rocks It Out
Tunes It In Gently Weeps
Question 4
In Amy Winehouse's Rehab, what doesn't she ever want to do again?
Play Soccer Sing
Drink Smoke
Question 5
John Legend's 2008 album Live from Philadelphia was sold exclusively at what store?
Target Wal-Mart
FYE Blockbuster
Question 6
Who did Justin Timberlake collaborate with on My Style?
Black Eyed Peas The Neptunes
Christina Aguilera Snoop Dog
Question 7
What Nelly Furtado video did Justin Timberlake appear in in 2006?
Turn On Your Love Light Tunnels
Promiscuous I'm Like A Bird
Question 8
Which hip-hop artist was parodied in the 2009 South Park episode Fishsticks?
Common Kanye West
Eminem Ludacris
Question 9
Which 2009 Leona Lewis single was co-written by Avril Lavigne?
Bleeding Love Run
Better In Time I Will Be
Question 10
Beyonce's 2011 hit Party features which founding member of OutKast?
Busta Rhymes Andre 3000
Big Boi Raekwon

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