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What do you know about art?
Question 1
In what Broadway play did David Bowie once have the leading role?
Elephant Man A Streetcar Named Desire
Cats Victor, Victoria
Question 2
What painter painted the famous black and white Guernica?
Pablo Picasso Rene Magritte
Salvador Dali Paul Cezanne
Question 3
How tall was the single piece of marble Michelangelo used to create David?
3 Feet 23 Feet
12 Feet 17 Feet
Question 4
Which artist most famously employed the technique know as pointillism?
Degas Seurat
Monet Manet
Question 5
Which Renaissance painter is buried in Rome's Pantheon?
Michelangelo Leonardo
Raphael Botticelli
Question 6
Which was the first sculpture to stand in contrapposto?
St. Mark Kritios Boy
Primaporta Augustus St. Theodore
Question 7
The Heidelberg School was a group of landscape painters located near which large city?
Melbourne London
Sydney Heidelberg
Question 8
Which artist's canine subjects are named Fay Wray and Man Ray?
George Segal Damien Hirst
William Wegman Katharina Fritsch
Question 9
Which American artist, strongly influenced by Matisse, in 1945 painted Swimmers and Sunbathers?
Loren MacIver John Sloan
Morris Graves Milton Avery
Question 10
What type of art emerged at the exhibition titled The Young Contemporaries in 1961?
Pop Art Post Modernism
Neo-Surrealism Minimalism

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