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Food and drinks quiz
Question 1
What cut of meat is used for making bacon?
Pork Belly Pork Ribs
Loin Of Beef Leg Of Lamb
Question 2
Which animal's meat is referred to as mutton, particularly when the animal is an adult?
Rabbit Moose
Pig Sheep
Question 3
Which classic Chinese food dish made from leftovers did not come from China?
Chicken Chow Mein General Tso's
Stir Fry Rice Chop Suey
Question 4
Ricotta cheese is native to what country?
Greece Mexico
Italy France
Question 5
What country does Brie cheese originate from?
France England
Italy United States
Question 6
What animal's milk is used to make most kinds of cheese?
Camel Cow
Sheep Goat
Question 7
What animal's milk is used to make chevre?
Ewe Goat
Buffalo Cow
Question 8
What causes the blueness in blue vein cheese?
Amaranth A Fungus
Food Dye Blueberries
Question 9
What meat is usually found in the Brazilian snack coxinha?
Beef Pork
Lamb Chicken
Question 10
What kind of cuisine can you expect to find in a Brazilian churrascaria?
Pastries And Sweets Salads
Grilled Meats Fish-Based Stews And Soups

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