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Science Quiz. How smart are you?
Question 1
What is the scientific term for everything that exists?
Universe Therm
Barrel Upwind
Question 2
What is a space which is entirely devoid of matter called in science terms?
Lumen Transparent
Blank World Vacuum
Question 3
What is a giant crack in a rock called?
Optics Elliptical Orbit
Rip Current Fault
Question 4
Matter that moves freely with no definite shape is known as a what?
Wind Chill Index Doppler Radar
Gas Density
Question 5
What would you call an animal with three main body parts and six legs?
Insect Bit
Microwave Botany
Question 6
A very fast white water cascade is also known as what?
Falls Petri Dish
Artificial Intelligence Bedrock
Question 7
What is an engine that converts heat to mechanical energy called?
Dawn Antiseptic
Heat Engine Hair
Question 8
Which of these is defined as part of the electromagnetic spectrum that contains visible light?
Hard Water Rainbow
Tributary Visible Spectrum
Question 9
How many muscles does the average person have in their body?
25 10,000
12 650
Question 10
Which vitamin enhances the absorption of calcium from foods?
Vitamin K Vitamin D
Vitamin B-12 Vitamin A

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