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Question 1
What would you call a large rodent that builds dams and dens in the water?
Beaver Otter
Badger Marmoset
Question 2
Which species lives farther north than any other land animal?
Canada Goose Red-Tailed Hawk
Dung Beetle Arctic Fox
Question 3
What is a person called who specializes in the physical structure and process of the earth?
Anthropologist Geologist
Cardiologist Meteorologist
Question 4
What is the name for a body in orbit around the Sun?
Thrusters Planet
Rotation Prism
Question 5
The path traveled by a body in space is known as what?
Aerosol Orbit
Barometer Indian Summer
Question 6
What is a steep-sided circular depression commonly known as?
Habitat Crater
Doppler Radar Resistance
Question 7
What is magma, which has surfaced through a volcanic eruption?
Waterspout Direct Current
Rock Lava
Question 8
What is the opposite to ordinary matter called?
Peak Load Tropics
Optics Antimatter
Question 9
What is the cargo of a spacecraft called?
Botulism Smog
Payload Neutron Stars
Question 10
A particle of light, unit of electromagnetic energy is also known as what?
Photon Electron
Hydraulic Diode

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